Wednesday, November 9, 2011

playing catch up

as usual. i guess i have entered a new "season" of blogging.... where i live life (& work A LOT) and then catch you all up on what has been going on. lame? maybe. needed? yes.
oh well it is what it is!
we have been having lots of fun around here... where to start?? umm lets do halloween.

we had a ninja turtle (don't ask me which one cause i do not know...) and mario. we woke up and daddy made jack-o-lantern waffles YUM! and hung out all day. that night we went to my parents and trick-or-treated and carved pumpkins. this year the boys drew what they wanted their pumpkins to look like and we carved them for them. it was really fun. i think they were my favorite pumpkins yet! so cute!

thank you halloween for 2 of my all time favorite snacks... home made pumpkin seeds (olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, & paprika) and loads of candy. i think we will have candy until next halloween, that is how much they got!

why doesn't every store have a balloon man? the balloon man at REI made our shopping experience so much easier! and i love my hubby and his late night guitar playing :)

hayden boy turned 6 years old. how did that happen?! it is going by sooo fast. all of "those people" were right. it sure does fly by. the days are LONG but the years are SHORT. i love him. all he wanted for his birthday was "sunny d and silly string" how easy is that?! he got a lot more but i still loved the simplicity of his request.

we had the easiest "party" ever. took a few people he loves to go bowling. bowling, pizza, and ice cream a 6 year olds favorite. i think that is the way to go!

fall was here for like 2 mins. literally and i wore tights with shorts. my husband called me a dirty hippie and i thought i looked cute. haha! i got these CUTE CUTE necklaces at f21 so cheap and so cute. i love them both!

my new favorite snacks. avocado with tomatoes, salt, pepper & tapatio. YUM! earl grey is soo yummy. i want lots of it with splenda & nonfat milk please! my favorite cookies in all of the world. you should make some!
so guys that is what is up with us!! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

thai date with the boyfriend

i have a new obsession... it is going out for thai food. there is this magical thing called tom yum soup with chicken that has me hooked. it is like nothing i've never had before. spicy, sweet, tangy... mmmmm.
it looks GROSS like really gross. but the taste is amazing. anyway i think about this soup all the time. sad isn't it?! hah!

a friend (thanks joce) offered to watch the kids so luke and i could have a date night. since i've started work again our hangout time has been limited. my bedtime is pretty much right after the kids. LAME. but anyway this is just what we needed. a little thai date.

aren't those the cutest little teacups?

tom yum soup. aka the soup that changed my life. hah too much??

i sure do love my boyfriend! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the happenings

this past weekend i went to san fran with my mom (favorite) to visit my grandma who lives there. we had a fun time. shopping eating & staying up late. the bed we slept in is THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE bed of all time and we both woke up feeling elderly and popping advil. but it was so worth it. i took hardly any pictures at all but since i love food i somehow managed to squeeze in a few pictures of what we ate...


not pictured food at an expensive restaurant that wasn't that good. bummer. the cheaper places were WAYY better.

we rode the bart and got the giggles. we were the only ones on the entire thing with a smile. why is everyone so grouchy??

cute new outfit, and terrible uncomfortable bed in the background.

i love hanging out with my mom she is the best. i even got new bedding from IKEA. oh how i love IKEA! 

k moving on... i found this awesome mustard yellow couch at a thrift store for $30. i know tons of people will hate it but i kinda love it. vintage lovers... is it too much?? i need input.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i like my room better when i spruce it up every once in a while...

i drink waaaayyyy more water if i am using a cute cup. 

pumpkins and converse are 2 of my faves

pioneer woman can do no wrong... try this recipe.

sticks for another wreath are hard to come by.

i am so much more patient when i am spending time in God's word.

i hate math facts. enough said.

and i badly need to clean out my purse

yep... that pretty much sums it up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

friends & the pumpkin patch

this weekend we had friends here from out of town. the same friends from the cabin.
we stayed up too late, ate lots of good food, and corralled kids alllllll weekend. 5 kids 7 in under in 1 house for 5 days. whew. it was fun!
the kids get along really well so we only had to break up a few fights. ;)

on saturday we went to the pumpkin patch, these are the only pics we got of the whole weekend. it was so fun that i didn't even have time to pick up a camera.

here are the older boys. this is as good as it gets. they all decided to cooperate at different times. go figure.
Rylan 4, Hayden 5, Parker 7, and Carson 5
they all have cute names.

and here is baby hudson. the baby with the coolest hair i've ever seen. it just grows like that. all curly blonde and sticking up. i am jealous.


apparently i coordinated my outfit with the pumpkin i liked best. 
see those painted nails? i knew i had 2 days off in a row so i painted them. i miss painting my nails.
can you see my desperation?? 

cute boy and camera lover. the other one not so much. hence the lack of photos of him. ahem.

so many boys!! 

they've got a pretty cute family too.
we like them. 

can't wait to do it again. so come back ok?! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

let's play catch up

um. wow. it has been way too long! i have been one busy girl! i texted a friend yesterday and said that "starbucks is sucking the blog out of me". i think the waking up at 3am is starting to wear on me. the "i have a job" honeymoon period is over with! lol

so let's see what have i been up to?! well... here is a look using my instagram pictures. because i am too lazy tired to use the real camera these days.  are you on instagram? my user name is cherishstock... let's be friends :)
this is what most of my breaks look like:

i also love this hairstyle because i wear it to bed and wake up and it looks the same. how awesome is that?!

(anyone know what is up with my cheek?? haha)

i made a really cool bunting for my "fall" mantle

thank you tara for all your help with the accordion folding (i mean you pretty much did it all, so you deserve all of the some credit)

now my mantle is super cute. i think.
minus all of the hideous gold on the fireplace door, why does anyone pick that?!?!

and my door has a new wreath. i like it. it is simple. usually i am not about simple but this time it works.

breakfast waffles made by the husband on a saturday you don't have to wake up at 3am are the BEST.

{hint, hint.}

and my hayden boy is in a "i like mommy" phase and i love it.

yep that pretty much sums it up. 
lack of sleep, coffee, crafting, & family time.
hopefully i will be around here a little more often. i sure have missed you! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

looks i'm lovin

once again pinterest has me longing for new stuff.
but instead of going out to buy all the brand new latest & greatest i've been trying to use it as inspiration for things that i already have. 
here are some of the outfits or hairstyles that i've been inspired by lately....

i totally wore an outfit just like this the other day, so simple and so cute! 

and one like this

and since i have to wear my hair up for work. i tried this today. i got lots of compliments. thankyouverymuch.

i even rocked an outfit like this:

but what i really want to do is wear this. too bad todays high is 98 degrees. really? that is so hot! hey california, didn't you get the memo? it is offically fall! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

blog sugar 2011 {recap}

i didn't know what to expect attending blog sugar. it was my first time, and i was super excited. i tried on about 500 outfits (cause that's what girls do... right?)

you can see a few things in these pictures...
1. i tore apart my room in the process of finding an outfit
2. i badly need to clean my mirror
3. i was not thrilled that i had to try on so many outfits before i found one that i liked

i ended up going with the last one. it was comfortable and semi flattering. now with my outfit picked and my bags packed i told my hubby we needed to wash the car. so he is nice and did it for me. {love him}

then i left for this girls house. we have so much fun together. 

her husband (in the background) isn't too bad either. and he can grill a mean tri tip. yum.

we stayed the night at her house before driving to blog sugar. it was fun and her house is super cute. you can tell she is a blogger by these 2 books i found in her guest room. 

the next morning we got all dressed and as i was getting into the car i fell. like hardcore fell. like rip and hole in the jeans i am wearing to blog sugar. embarassing? yeah. painful? totally. 
only me i tell you only me.

wayyyyyy worse in person. it is gross. luckily the jeans looked ok and "on purpose" ripped so i just went with it.

its ok though because panera breakfast sandwiches make everything better.

when we got there we went and picked up mindy. whom i love!!! love her!!! and i don't have a picture. what? who does that?? anyway pretend we look really cute.....

blog sugar was decorated so cute i wanted to move in. 

i had about 5 shirley temples and i tried to steal everybodys pink donut.

it was so fun meeting all of you bloggers in real life. i was enjoying myself so much i do not have any pictures. i am a terrible blogger. hah

heather's breakout session was so good & inspiring. 
and i really really need laura's hair. seriously i NEED it.

i did get a picture of my real life friend laura and i. it was so fun to see her and sit next to her. she is one of my faves. some day we are going to be picker sisters together. seriously.

moral of the story... it was fun. i am so glad i went. 
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